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Cedar Lake Replacement Windows

Cedar Lake Replacement Windows

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Cedar Lake Replacement Windows

Windows are one of the most important aspects of your home and serve a variety of different purposes. You want to make sure your windows are in top notch condition to make sure you are benefiting from their aesthetic, energy efficiency and more. If you are searching for Cedar Lake replacement windows you may have noticed some indicators that it’s time for new windows. There are some important things you can look for to help decide if you need to replace your windows. 

Signs You May Need Window Replacements

As an important staple of your home both functionally and aesthetically you will want to regularly monitor your windows for any signs of deterioration. 

  • Hard to use- if you are having trouble using your windows as they’re designed this can be a sign they’ve experienced too much wear and tear and need replacement.
  • Visible damage- an obvious one, if there is visible damage to your windows it’s time for repairs or replacements
  • Drafts- while a slight decline or increase in temperature depending on the weather is normal near windows, if you feel any actual drafts this is an indication your window’s seal isn’t working properly and the window should be replaced.
  • Age- windows typically last about 15 to 20 years. If your windows are reaching the end of their natural life span, it’s probably a good time for replacement. 
  • Increase in utility bills- an increase in your utility bills can be a sign your windows are losing energy efficiency. Have they checked out by a professional to see if replacements are needed.

Benefits of Window Replacement

Replacing windows can be daunting for homeowners and it helps to know the benefits new windows bring to a home.

  • Increased home value- new windows can increase your home value and entice buyers if you are considering selling soon.
  • Energy efficiency- windows nowadays have come a long way in terms of energy efficiency. New windows can help insulate your home and keep your utility bills lower.
  • Updated design- home design trends and your personal tastes are bound to change over time. New windows are a great way to add some flare to your home’s exterior.
  • Noise reduction- older windows are less likely to be able to cancel out a lot of outside noise. New windows can help reduce sound providing you with a more relaxing interior.

Why Liberty Siding and Windows?

For thirty years Liberty Siding and Windows’ employees have been mastering their craft. Here, we believe in being the best at what we do so we can provide you the best products, the best installation, and the best quality. Call us today to see how we can help with your Cedar Lake Replacement windows

How long does the installation process take?

Many factors play into this, including the size of the project and the type of product being installed. An average house has 10-25 windows of all shapes, sizes, and compositions, and a large window replacement job may take 2-5 days. Most door installations, on the other hand, can be completed same-day. Give us a call to discuss the specifics of your project and get a more accurate timeline.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we offer financing. Click here to learn more about our financing program!

Do you provide a warranty for the work done?

Yes! Each product we use comes with a factory warranty. We also guarantee the work that we do with our lifetime installation warranty!

Can we remain in our home during window installation and siding projects?

Absolutely! We work quickly and efficiently to upgrade your home with as little disruption to you as possible. Residents often choose to stay home during the installation process if possible, to answer any potential questions, but it is not necessary.

Our Services


A safe and secure door is necessary for all properties in the Midwest. A high-quality door will protect you from the elements that the Lake Michigan area brings to your home.


Liberty Siding & Windows offers high-quality gutter installation and repair to protect your foundation and keep the water away from your building.


We offer a great selection of siding for all house styles. We offer composite cladding or vinyl siding for a long-term solution meant to last for many years to come.

Soffit & Fascia

Soffit is the underside of a roof overhang or eave, while fascia is used to enclose a roof’s perimeter. They both help shield the roofing and interior of a home from harsh weather.


We have a wide variety of windows to fit new and existing homes. Our windows come with a full warranty to give you peace of mind at an affordable cost.

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We have excellent financing options available, no matter your credit score.
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We have excellent financing options available, no matter your credit score.
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